Property Transport FAQ’s

Got a question about any of our property transport services? Simply read through our list of FAQ’s to get help with your particular query. If you cannot find any information, please contact our team today

How much does it cost to move a 90m2 house?

We need the dimensions (length, width & height) to be able to price. We don’t use m2
The dimensions will tell us if the house could be a 1 piece move, or needs to be cut in 2, or if over height the roof may need to be cut

How much does it cost to move a house?

To price, we need to know dimensions, location, access and type of foundations

What insurances do you recommend?

House Transporters has Public Liability Insurance and Commercial Vehicle Insurance which covers our business if we cause property damage to other people's property. i.e. If the Truck was unloading a house and the truck inadvertently hit a fence and caused damaged, this would be covered under our policy. Details on the policies are as below
  • Public Liability - Insurer QBE Insurance 
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance - Insurer Vero insurance 
House Transporters do not carry insurance for the actual house that is being moved as this needs to be insured by the owner of the building, ask your broker about the following:
Cover for your building before the relocation process.  This will cover the building for accidental loss to your property for work required to prepare the house for transit, i.e. removing base boards, taking out chimneys 
This covers you for the purchase price of your house (plus freight) from the time it is moved off its current piles, and throughout the transit process and expires as soon as the house is unloaded
Cover for Contract Works from the moment it is lowered onto its new piles, whilst being connected to services, decks, stairs added, and any other alterations to the house 

Do you complete all necessary documents to submit to council?

No. You need to engage in the services from a licenced draughtsman or architect who will work with the council on your behalf
Your draughtsman will complete all drawings required by the council and work in conjunction with a geotech engineer if required. 
We have local draughtsman’s contacts should you require who specialise in relocatables
We work to the plans provided by the draughtsman

Do you carry out foundation work?

Yes. We are a current licenced building practitioner for installing foundations.
Our service includes the supply and installation of a standard new timber pile foundation, concreted in using certified ready mix, and we fix the building down to the foundation

Can you move brick houses?

However, the bricks need to be removed for transporting

Can you move houses that are on a concrete floor?

The house is braced and lifted and removed off the pad
You can decide whether you want to have a timber floor built prior to transporting, or a new concrete pad is laid at the new delivery site

Do you have a storage facility?

We own our yard in Paengaroa (Tauranga) and can offer short or long term storage.
We have a secure yard which is monitored and under 24-hour surveillance
Houses we store are generally short term as council permits have not yet been issued

Do you reconnect all the services?

All services to the house (power / water / phone / gas / air con units) must be removed and tagged by qualified servicemen. Air con units must be de gassed by an electrician before removal.
Services can be re connected after the house is on its new foundation. 

Are you qualified to remove asbestos?

No, this requires a specialised licence
We do have contractors that we can recommend for testing and removing asbestos
If tested positive, we will mark out the cut line for the contactor to remove.

Why chose House Transporters?

If you’re looking for someone who can consistently deliver flawless results on time and on budget, if you’re looking for a team that are professional and actively listen to your commands, House Transporters can ensure that we can give you want you are looking for.

We are passionate about what we do. We have been in the industry for over 30 years we have the expertise and know how, and we actually move houses. You will have full access to a dedicated team who will complete your project on time,& without hassle. We will help you get the most out of your budget and provide you with tips and strategies to help you save money. With over 30 years’ experience, our quotes are accurate, precise and professional so no stone is left unturned. We will give you daily updates on progress and walk you through the process so you know what is going to happen. We are a 5-star operator with the NZTA, and are committed to health & safety and have Hazardco Certification, and all our staff is randomly drug tested. Who you chose to move your house will not only affect the success of the project, but will also define your experience of relocating houses.Roger works alongside his Wife Georgette, who employs a handpicked team of 4 qualified, dedicated guys based on their passion for detail, friendliness, professionalism and being able to follow strict schedules. We transport an average of 60 houses a year.

You can expect the best when you chose House Transporters to move your house so we can earn your valued recommendation 
Call us today for more information. 
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